Leangap is the leading High-School Student Entrepreneurship Camp in the world, bringing students’ ideas to life through an intensive 6-week summer session. Each summer we help 40+ students from 15+ countries to build and grow their startups, impacting thousands of users around the world.


I joined Leangap in the summer of 2015 as Head of Design to lead the branding, identity, and web design, and as the Lead Design Mentor, to help students design and build engaging products for their startups. I designed and built the website too.



“When building a company, the brand and overall design is what will make it or break it. Sadok knows how to design a trusting image, that can get a clear and actionable message across. His design expertise and mentorship is also reflected in the high quality design of our student-created startups.”

Eddy Zhong | Founder and CEO of  Leangap

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