When Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) responds to major disease outbreaks with mass vaccination campaigns, hundreds of teams have to cover enormous areas. With MapSwipe, people around the world can give vaccination campaign coordinators a super-fast snapshot of where the population clusters are, helping them to send their teams to the locations where they are most needed to achieve maximum vaccination coverage.


I joined the MapSwipe team to lead the design of the app, from ideation to implementation. My work consisted of analysis of the problem we were aiming to solve, research into the target users, creation of user flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes, visual design, and high-fidelity mockups. A landing page for the app was created as well. 

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The goal was to make the app easy to use by people from all backgrounds, with different levels of experience with mobile apps. The flow of the app was a single YES or NO when the user was presented with an image. The user would decide if the given image had a house/road in it or not. 

Since we were dealing with “cards”, there were many paths we could take. The user needed a way to point where the houses/roads where, not just swipe away. I explored several ways the cards could work together.


We experimented with several ways the user could interact with the app to achieve fast and proper identification of houses, huts and roads in the satellite imagery. The goal was to have as less friction as possible, so we evetually discarded the flow showed here next in order to reduce the number of taps.

Prototype made with Principle.

Significant user testing was conducted in early stages to see if the direction we were going was appealing to users. 

After more testing, eventually we decided on a Quality Control line, resembling the assembly lines at factories. This provided the user with deep detail into each image and the ability to move quickly through the images when there was nothing of interest.

I created a landing page to serve as web presence for the app, and to provide more information about the app’s background, FAQs, and team. I wanted the website to show the real-world impact of the app, and to emulate how the app worked, in a conceptualised way.

“Sadok is one of the best designers I have ever worked with. He went out of his way to understand the user, and designed a product that is easy for users to understand, yet looks beautiful. His eye for design is unique, and he took responsibilities in the project outside of his scope, such as getting the landing page created. There are only a few designers that can create products that users talk about online, and Sadok is one of them. He is brilliant, easy and fun to work with, and I would always work with him again”

Pim de Witte | Technical Project Manager at DWB/MSF

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