SantaHunt is the Secret Santa Gift Exchange for the awesome Product Hunt community. Thousands of people around the world will exchange gifts this December to celebrate the tech community, spread some lovin’, and make new friends!


I worked alongside Lindsey Wilson (Illustrator) and Laszlo Levente (Backend), together with the awesome ProductHunt team.

The goal was simple: To engage the ProductHunt community into a gift exchange on the holiday season of 2015.

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This was a 2-day project – we needed to move fast since holiday season was upon us and we wanted the community to have lots of time to sign up.

I was in charge of overall design and front-end coding.

I collaborated with ProductHunt to design the site according to their branding, colors and voice, to make it feel like a fun extension of ProductHunt.



“This is amazing, @lindsey_io, @sadokx, and @noxowe. Everything from the illustrations to the copy. You nailed the kittenish Product Hunt vibe. 💕”

Ryan Hoover | Founder and CEO of ProductHunt

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