Vibrind connects top brands with the right Instagram influencers to promote the brand’s products in the specific market that the brand is targeting.


I was hired to design and code the marketing website, as well as the dashboard where brands would manage their campaigns.


Competitor Research showed that, while most competitors offered brand-influencer connection and management, they didn’t offer the ‘right’ influencer for a particular brand. This was Vibrind’s unique value proposition, and I focused the website to show that.

I used Red to talk to influencers – red is associated with youthfulness and excitement, and Blue to talk to brands – blue is associated with trust and dependability.

I kept the style minimalistic, and material-design inspired to keep everything very clear, and to show a results-oriented culture with no clutter or distractions.





“Sadok is one of the hardest working people I know. He was always prompt at getting back to me and his eye for design is superb. He is the type of person that will help a friend in need.”

Daniel Greenberg | Founder of Vibrind

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