Creatives Without Borders connects designers, thinkers and doers with nonprofit associations in need of creative expertise.


I joined CWB to lead the redesign of the platform with research-backed decisions and a modern and engaging design. I took care of research, design, and front-end development using pure HTML, CSS and JS.

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I started off with 2 surveys – Survey #1 for current users, since I wanted to know what was working in the current design, and Survey #2 for creatives in general who’ve never heard of CWB.

The most important survey by far was Survey #2. The results showed the true feelings, motivations and goals of Creatives when considering to donate their work. This allowed me to focus the design on this feelings, motivations and goals that the creatives had. The main goal of the re-design, after all, was to capture more Creatives, and to build a brand.

2 of the key questions in Survey #2 are featured here.

After creating wireframes and final mockup in Sketch, I built the entire website in HTML/CSS/JS. I used Bootstrap, SASS, and Jquery. The website is responsive, as everyt website should be by now. 🙂



“Sadok helps Creatives Without Borders to move to the next step. Always proactive and full of ideas. He is a true creative ninja and I count him as one of the key members of the team. Keep up the good work!”

Adrien Colombié | Founder of Creatives Without Borders

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