Reachr is developing an activity-based social network to help people instantly organise meet-ups with friends and like-minded locals, with a smart notification system of events and activities they like nearby.


The app was just an idea when I took the project. It was my job to conceptualise it, to put every feature and value proposition into a mobile design, to make sure the UX was engaging for young millenials, and to just make the UI/UX work.


The user goal is simple – to see what other people are doing, and join them. And if there’s nothing users would like to join, they can create an event and invite other people.

The business goal is also simple – to engage and motivate people to post and join events.

The main screen of the app attacks both goals, seamlessly.


“I was surprised by the professional work that Sadok had done in just a few days under the time pressure! Nevertheless, we had some fun during the process and results where astonishing. He showed his creative nature designing this app targeted to younger demographics, which is a challenge in itself. Within a good taste and empirical knowledge Sadok shared the vision of the final product and came up with an attractive design to connect people in their local communities.”

Andrey Bogomazov | Creator of Reachr

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